BDSM and Correction Chambers

Welcome to East London Training Academy.


BDSM and Correction Chambers are located in East London, conveniently near Leyton and Leytonstone Stations.

A discreet Victorian terraced house, a clean and extremely well-equipped venue has 2 rooms: one a domestic living room and the other a BDSM playroom that can be hired from 30 minutes upwards. There are shower/bath facilities with fresh towels available.

All implements are cleaned/steamed after every visit.

Room hire can be made by individuals or couples and all sexual persuasions are welcome as long as everyone are consulting adults.

At East London Training Academy we don’t believe in lots and lots of rules and regulations as you should be visiting here to enjoy yourselves… but we do insist you don’t break the law (so no minors or drugs on the premises) and to be considerate to others. Everyone participating must be a consenting adult at all times.

Deposits are not required unless you are booking an all-day session, and payment is to made on arrival at the venue.


You can find pictures of both rooms here.


To book one or both rooms, please contact me with your requirements and any questions you may have.


We wish everyone to make the most of their visit so we politely ask that you leave the room the way you found it and for other to enjoy the space.