About Academy

!!! The London Training Academy is open !!!

Offering sessions and training to both newbie and experienced players

If you would like to join our exclusive ranks and convert yourself into a willing and obedient trainee there is no better time to start than now.

The Academy recently went through grand renovation stage! Now better than ever!

Mistress Ava, Mistress Xela and Mistress Kami welcome you to the Academy.



The London Training Academy was established in 2005 by one of the UKs most experienced and skilled Mistresses.

The Academy has already benefited numerous men in teaching them life, manners, good behaviour and useful skills. Some men simply need a firm hand and to be reminded on regular basis of how to perform and behave. We are more than pleased to be fulfilling that crucial role! And we do it exceptionally well.

If you require more discipline in life, find yourself slacking, forgot the right manners or simply need guidance or punishment The London Training Academy can help you. The Academy offers personalised training suited to what you need and deserve which will be discussed and assessed by your Mistress during your first training session.

The training is usually on 1-to-1 basis for best learning performance however double sessions (with two Mistresses or two willing trainees) might be possible. Please discuss directly with your Mistress.

All training is provided by professional and highly skilled Mistresses, though their style will vary.


To apply for a personalised training please familiarise yourself with The Academy Rules first, then choose your Mistress and follow instructions on Her profile.

The London Training Academy OFFERS TRAINING for the following:

  • Misbehaving boys
  • Slaves
  • Sissies
  • Unruly employees
  • Lazy husbands
  • Reformed convicts
  • CP and BDSM devotees and explorers
  • Enthusiastic and willing newbies


If you wish to stop your training for any reason you must say so at once!


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